Decorative Painting

Decorative Painting

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At Walls & Windows, we specialise in providing a range of decorative paint & accessories for both domestic & commercial ranging from as small as a sample pot to a house lot of paint.

We love finding the right products for a job and we also do colour matching on the spot. Just for you. And we love doing all these fun things in a friendly, professional and helpful manner. Because we take your projects as seriously as you do. And we want to help you get it right, every time, from start to finish.

We are here to inspire and lend a helping hand, to ensure you get what you want out of your visit to Walls & Windows.

For Everything Paint

For all of your painting needs, Walls & Windows is here to offer the ideal colour and quality of paint needed for your next design project. Whether you’re painting the exterior of your home or are planning on freshening up the look of your bedroom, Walls & Windows has the knowledge and paint you need to get the perfect results every time.

Colour Matching

We take your design projects seriously from start to finish. We want to help you get the perfect look every time, so we do our absolute best in finding the right products and styles to complement your exclusive style. At Walls & Windows, we are here to inspire and create the perfect living space for you and your family that will never go out of style.

Paint Accessories

Both Domestic & Commercial Use

At Walls & Windows, we have all your accessory needs for both domestic & commercial.

We love finding the right products for your job, making painting as easy and as professional as possible. If you’re doing a one-off or every day of the week job, we have the accessories for you.

Just ask one of our friendly staff in store at Walls & Windows.

Brands We Sell

Below is some of the brands we sell in-store

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Walls & Windows is fully committed to providing you with the best products and design services to perfectly match your wants and needs. Give us a call today and speak to our friendly experts to get started on your next project.